One evening a man was walking along a beach when he saw a boy picking up starfish and flinging them into the sea. The man asked the boy, “What difference will your efforts make when there are thousands of starfish on the beach?”The boy stopped and looked at the starfish he was holding and said, “It will make a difference to this one”. Anyone can make a difference; it all depends on the attitude.

Dr. B. P. Agrawal Shiksha Niketan, Farrukhabad is an endeavor to create this very attitude of making a difference among its members as it is the only way to make a sustainable change in our country without thinking an iota what others have done. To achieve this DBPASN provides quality education and spread the light of awareness among one and all to illumine the path of learners. Education at DBPASN does not include academics and activities alone but encompasses its own set of ethos that is an integral part of the lives of the learners and the teachers. It is a place where learners desirous of acquiring knowledge come together and gain insight to direct their lives in different directions.

DBPASN is leaving no stone unturned in upholding its aim of providing perfect public school education intermingled with the tenets of Indian culture. The three flames of the torch in the emblem of the school, “Shiksha, Pragya and Sanskar” were carefully thought of to portray the idea of transmitting everything from a teacher to learner. To provide Shiksha i.e. education is the primary function of any educational institution, so is the DBPASN. But Shiksha sans Pragya i.e. education without intellect is like a sword which can also harm its holder. So, we in DPBASN believe in arousing intellect of the child so that he can aptly use his education in his life. But both Shiksha and Pragya without Sanskars make only Ravanas. DBPASN lays utmost emphasis in nurturing values and for us, value education is not merely a subject but part and parcel of every sphere of the school’s life. This judicious amalgamation of the modernity and traditions and Shiksha, Pragya and Sanskar must be manifested in our child’s actions which our motto highlights, Karmani Vyjayate Pragya, i.e. one’s intellect should be manifested in one’s actions.

DBPASN is not just another School but it is a center of excellence, both in academics and activities and helps in providing a global perspective to the learners. DBPASN shall provide opportunities for learners to discover their inherent talents and articulate them so that they can be applied elsewhere.

We will prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s innovators. Our education will inspire change, turning limitless imagination into reality. In our quest to achieve the best for our students we organize our schedule in a unique manner organizing many activities directed to honing the young into fine individuals. It is our fervent endeavor to revolutionize our system of education. In turning a new leaf our students shall be on forestage whereas the teachers shall take a backseat and guide from behind the scenes.

Your choice will offer an infinite number of possibilities, preparing the students for almost any career. Whatever they want to learn, they will learn it here at a truly great center of learning.

We are grateful to you and look forward to your cooperation in our effort. With your support, we shall surely see our aim fructify and our steps leading to excellence.

With Best Wishes,
Dr. Vishal Agrawal