Welcome to Dr. B. P. Agrawal Shiksha Niketan

The main aim of the school is to give "The total development in your ward".

As a school we aim to.

  • Inculcate in our children love for learning.
  • Nurture well rounded personalities who are confident, creative and able to adjust and adapt to any circumstances or environment.
  • Lead by example and be good role models so that our children imbibe our qualities and take pride in what they do.
  • Encourage every pupil to develop his own potential, critical thining and technological skills to be a global citizen.
  • Provide a purposeful, joyful, safe, caring and discplined environment that promotes growth in wisdom, knowledge and responsible freedom.
  • Equip our pupiles with the ability to acquire the skills they need for the rapidly evolving world in which they live.
  • Build a community which makes connections with the larger community through the work they do, the problems we solve and the expriences, strengths and hope we share.
  • Use technology to examine the past, make sense out of today and to be part of future.

So the school ensures to provide an all round educational, spiritual, moral, academic, physical, social and cultural background to make its students intelligent and useful citizens.