Fee Structure (2018-2019)

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Fee Break-upTypeFrequencyAmount
   Nursery-UKG1st to 3rd4th & 5th6th & 7th
Registration FeeNon-Refundable Once 100 100 100 100
Admission FeeNon-Refundable Once 1000 1000 1000 1000
Caution FeeRefundable Once 2000 2000 2000 2000
Annual FeeNon-Refundable Once 2500 2500 2500 2500
Annual FeeNon-Refundable Annual 2500 2500 2500 2500
Examination FeeNon-Refundable Biannual 150 200 250 300
Monthly FeeNon-Refundable Quarterly 800 900 1000 1200

Monthly Fee Payable

The School Fee is to be paid on quarterly basis i.e. 3 month fee at a time in four installments as per total amount mentioned below:

ClassesPayable byNursery-UKG1st to 3rd4th & 5th6th & 7th
April-June (Ist Installment)15th April 8050 (New)
5050 (Old)
8400 (New)
5400 (Old)
8750 (New)
5750 (Old)
9400 (New)
6400 (Old)
July-Sept. (IInd Installment)15th July 2400 2700 3000 3600
Oct.-Dec. (IIIrd Installment)15th October 2550 2900 3250 3900
Jan.-March (IVth Installment)15th January 2400 2700 3000 3600
Total Payment (Per Annum)  15400 (New)
12400 (Old)
16700 (New)
13700 (Old)
18000 (New)
15000 (Old)
20500 (New)
17500 (Old)

Transport Fee per Month (If applicable)

Distance0—2 km2.1-5 km5.1—8 kmAbove 8 km
Fee 300 450 650 800

Important Instructions:

  • Admission fee is payable once at the time of admission and again while seeking re-admission in class VI.
  • Caution fee is payable once at the time of admission. It is refunded when the student leaves the school.
  • Fee must be paid by the 15th of the concerned month between 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the School Office. If the 15th is a holiday then the next working day after such holiday is considered to be the "Last Date of Payment".
  • If a parent fails to deposit the fees by "Last Date of Payment", a fine of Rs. 10/- per day including all holidays, will be charged from the "Last Date of Payment" and till the day of payment of fee.
  • If a student omits or fails to pay the fees and contribution due to school together with the fine due thereon by the last working day of the quarter in which they are due, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls of the School on the last working day of the quarter and may be re-admitted on payment of all school dues including fresh admission fee.
  • Kindly ensure that the fees for the 4th Quarter are paid by the 15th March failing which the report card will be withheld.
  • Issuing of fee reminders is not mandatory for school. It is the duty of the parents to deposit the fee as per the above schedule.
  • All communication regarding fee are normally routed through the students. Parents are requested to make their ward aware in this regard.
  • No fee shall be treated as the current quarter fee or advance fee unless and until all previous fee dues are cleared in full.
  • Fee shall be payable for the entire month if the student attends the school even for one day during the quarter.
  • All fees and funds except transport fee shall be charged for a full period of twelve months.
  • We prefer CASH or BANK DRAFT. In case of payment by bank draft or cheque, these are to be drawn in favour of Dr. B. P. Agrawal Shiksha Niketan. The Cheque/Draft must contain Student's name, Class, Section, Admission Number, Father's Name & Contact Number at the back.
  • Cheque returned by the bank on which it is drawn, for any reason what so ever shall be treated as non-payment of dues and an additional amount of Rs. 200/- shall be charged towards expenses along with the late fine and additional penalty as the case may be. In case of cheque bouncing, fee will be accepted only through Demand Draft including the penalties and cheques will not be accepted in future.
  • Transport facility will not be provided/discontinued in mid-session.
  • Transport fee is payable only for eleven months and will be charged independently as per distance.
  • In case of loss of the original PASS/I-CARD/FEE-CARD/BADGE/MARK SHEET, its duplicate would be issued on payment of Rs. 20/50/50/50/100 respectively.
  • The office of the school remains open even during Summer/Winter Vacations, but remains closed on all notified holidays.
  • Fees and other charges paid for a particular year is neither refundable nor transferable to any other year.
  • The school reserves the right to revise the fee keeping in view the price index and other relevant consideration. However, such revision will not take place during the academic year barring exceptional circumstances.
  • Receipts on all payments are required to be preserved as proof of payment.
  • Onetime payment may also be made of Tuition Fees, Annual Charges and Transport Fees for the whole session and discount of tuition fee of one month on advance payment can be availed.
  • Sibling concession is 25% of the tuition fee of the junior child in case of two siblings while 25% of the tuition fee of the senior child in case of three siblings.
Siblings Concession 25% discount on Monthly Fees
Nursery — UKG 25% of 800 = Rs 200
Class 1st - Class 3rd 25% of 850 = Rs 215
Class 4th & Class 5th 25% of 900 = Rs 225
Class 6th & Class 7th 25% of 1000 = Rs250

Annual Fee Breakup

Fee HeadsFee per monthTotal monthTotal fee
Maintenance Fee 50 12 600
Electricity & Water Fee 35 12 420
Activity Fee 35 12 420
SMS/E-Mail Fee 25 12 300
Sports/ Games 25 12 300
Cultural 25 12 300
I-card/Badges/ Sash/ Certificates/Mark-sheets     150
Total 2490
Total in round figure 2500

Monthly Fee Breakup

Fee Break-upAmount
 Nursery -UKG1st to 3rd4th & 5th6th & 7th
Tuition Fee 800 850 900 1000
Computer Fee ---- 50 100 150
Science Lab Fee ---- ---- ---- 50