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Class 5                                                       Science


Unit/ Topic



Ch-1.     Plants increasing the numbers

1. Collect and paste different kinds of seeds on chart paper as class project


2. Observe different stages of seed germination


3. Dissect different parts of the seed


Ch-2.     Food and health

1. Make a poster for iodized salt


2. Make charts on different kinds of microbes


3. Make presentations on vitamins


Ch-3.     Safety and first aid

1. Make a chart of all important numbers


2. Make your own fire extinguisher


3. Conduct a demo of giving first aid


Periodic Test I (Syllabus April and May)


Ch-4.     Houses all around

1. Make a project on material for houses


2. Make a model of house using waste material


3. Visit a construction site and note observation


Ch-5.     Solids, liquids and gases

1. Separate salt crystals from a salt solution


2. Dancing ball


3. Check out the solubility of various materials


Ch-6.     Soil erosion and conservation

1. Experiment on soil erosion


2. Make a ‘pouch’ with paper plates


3. Experiment on breaking of rocks by plants


Ch-7.     Rocks and minerals

1. Make a collection of different types of rocks


2. Make a chart on rocks used in any sculptures


3. Visit any old building to find out material used


Revision and Half Yearly Examination (Syllabus April to August)


Ch-8.     Animals everywhere

1. Make a project on migratory birds


2. Paste photos of animals on the basis of habitat


3. Make a model of the lungs of a mammal


Ch-9.     Our skeletal system

1. Discussion about bones using skeleton model


2. Visit a gymnasium and note observation


3. Make a chart on exercises for strong muscles


Ch-10. Our nervous system

1. Playing of guessing game


2. Make a project on Braille method


3. Visit by a optician for eye test


Ch-11. Force and energy

1. Experiment of pencil rollers


2. Prepare a poster on save energy


3. Make a simple machine using waste material


Periodic Test II (Syllabus October and November)


Ch-12. Our life supports

1. Experiment on air pressure crushing a can


2. Make a project on purification of water supply


3. Make a water filter


Ch-13. Our earth’s natural satellite

1. Make a model of solar system


2. Make a chart on Chandrayan I


3. Paste different phases of moon of silver paper


Ch-14. Natural disaster

1. Make a amazing volcano


2. Report on safety measures during earthquake


3. Make a project on the Kedarnath tragedy


Ch-15. Changes in our environment

1. Make chart on reuse and recycle things


2. Awareness drive about protecting environment


3. Make placards on environment protection




Annual Exam (Syllabus October to February )