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Class 3                                                         Science


Unit/ Topic



Ch-1.   Things Around Us

  1. Activity mentioned on page 11.
  2. Reusing waste, make something interesting.
  3. Make a chart on living and non-living things.

Ch-2.   Animals and Plants

  1. Grow some seeds and discuss observation.  
  2. Find out tiny animals in the soil.


Ch-3.   Parts of a Plant

  1. Activity mentioned on page 28.
  2. Field trip to understand the various plants.

Ch-4.   Understanding Birds

  1. Make a food and water tray for birds.
  2. Make a home for the birds.
  3. Paste the feathers of birds in your scrap book.
  4. Make a pair of birds using waste material.


Periodic Test I (Syllabus April and May)


Ch-5. Eating Habits of Animals

  1. Collect and paste pictures of animals having different eating habits.
  2. Activity mentioned on page 48.

Ch-6.   Our Body  

  1. Make a stethoscope.
  2. Role play of the different systems of the body.


Ch-7.   Staying Safe  

  1. Make a first aid box for your class.
  2. Learn traffic rules by a traffic policeman.
  3. Do a mock drill of emergency situation.

Ch-8.     Housing and Clothing

Activity mentioned on page 72.


Revision and Half Yearly Examination (Syllabus April to August)


Ch-9.   Matter

Activity mentioned on page 81.


Ch-10. Rocks and Soil

  1. Make a chart on rocks used in any sculptures.
  2. Visit any old building to find out material used.


Ch-11.   Measurement

  1. Make a physical balance using old diyas/plates.
  2. Guessing and measuring length.

Ch-12. Light, Sound and Force

1. Using shadows to find time.

2. Make your own jal tarang.  

3. Observe your shadows in the school ground.


Periodic Test II (Syllabus October and November)


Ch-13 Air and Water  

Activity mentioned on page 111.


Ch-14. Our Universe  

  1. Make your own solar system.
  2. Paste pictures of different planets.
  3. Experiment on change in the shape of moon.


Ch-15. Our Earth in Space


Ch-16.   Weather and Seasons

Activity mentioned on page 129.




Annual Exam (Syllabus October to February )