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Class 1                                                                          English Literature


Course Book

W. B.





Ch-1.   A happy child      (Poem)

P. 5-9

1. Draw your house, color it and talk about it.

2. Tell the class when you feel happy in life.

Ch-1. Greeting & Introducing

P. 4-10


Ch-2.     Three little pigs

P. 10-11

1. Talk about the animal which you like most.

2. Role play of an animal which you like most


Ch-3.     After a bath     (Poem)

P. 12-13

1. Tell something about yourself.

2. A talk on hygiene like brushing teeth etc.


Ch-4.   The bubble, the straw and the shoe


1. Draw the well, color it and say the rhyme.

2. Enact a situation to write with hurt hand.

Ch-2. Introducing others

P. 11-13


Ch-5.   One little kitten (Poem)

P. 17

1. Draw a picture of any animal and color it.

2. Have a talk on eating healthy food.


Periodic Test I (Syllabus April and May)


Ch-6.   Lalu and Peelu

P. 18-19

1. Trace and color the flowers.

2. Act out hen and chick’s story in the class.

Ch-3. Describing things

P. 14-17


Ch-7.   Once I saw a little bird (Poem)

P. 20-21

1. Talk about peacock & other bird around us.

2. Draw a peacock and color it.


Ch-8.     Mittu and the yellow mango                  

P. 22-24

1. Color the chili and parrot.

2. Share and enjoy your food outdoor.

Ch-4. Requesting

Ch-5. Seeking permission

P. 18-25


Ch-9.     Merry go round

P. 25

1. Talk about the things you enjoy at a fair.

2. Play a game involving circle formation.


Ch-10. Circle

P. 26-30

1. Draw a face on the balloon as given.

2. With help of different shapes make things.


Revision and Half Yearly Examination (Syllabus April to August)


Ch-11. If I were an apple (Poem)

P. 31-33

1. Tell about your favorite fruit in Hindi & Eng.

2. Go for a walk and see different fruits’ trees.  

Ch-6. Asking for personal information

Ch-7. Making offers

P. 26-34


Ch-12. Our tree

P. 34-36

1. Make a class tree with children’s handprints.

2. Collect and paste different leaves with names.


Ch-13. A Kite (Poem)

P. 37

1. Draw a kite and color it

2. Draw day and night sky side by side and color.


Ch-14. Sundari

P. 38-39

1. Look at the pictures & tell story in your words.

2. Make kites and decorate class with these.

Ch-8. Understanding and giving instructions

P. 35-39


Ch-15. A little turtle (Poem)

P. 40-41

1. Imaging you a turtle, crawl like it.

2. Draw a turtle and color it.


Periodic Test II (Syllabus October and November)


Ch-16. The tiger and the mosquito

P. 42-45

1. Learn the difference between lion and tiger.

2. Act out the story both in Hindi and English.

Ch-9. Talking about possession

P. 40-44


Ch-17. Clouds (Poem)

P. 46-49

1. Describe the season which you like most.

2. Draw a rainy scene and make cotton clouds.


Ch-18. Anandi’s rainbow

P. 50-52

1. Draw a rainbow scene and color it.

2. Make a birthday calendar showing every child.

Ch-10. Talking about where things are

P. 45-48


Ch-19. Flying man (Poem)

P. 53-55

1. Role play of different occupations.

2. Pretending as pilot, describe your experiences.


Ch-20. The tailor and his friend

P. 56

1. Make a friendship band.

2. Enjoy the story of Krishna-Sudama & enact it.





Annual Exam (Syllabus October to February)