The Curriculum


Dr. B. P. Agrawal Shiksha Niketan follows the pattern prescribed by the CBSE and the NCERT, and the medium of instruction in the school is English. The school curriculum is based on the educational needs of the children and it aims to promote a comprehensive educational programme, which equips the students with thorough knowledge and strong values. It also aims at instilling confidence in the students to face their examination effectively. The syllabus for each class is carefully planned to ensure that the child acquires a sound knowledge of basic concepts in all the subjects.



Learning is caring, sharing and responding!

Children passing through the foundation stage are like soft clay. They have to be handled gently and delicately, with immense affection and care. Consequently, the Pre-Primary Wing functions as an extension of home. The focus is on learning by doing. Hence all learning is through play and pleasurable activities. The teaching is informal with specially designed aids to facilitate the psycho-motor skills of the little ones. They are exposed to the rich experiences of daily life and helped to learn Social behaviour and Proper Communication skills. The curriculum is designed to ensure holistic development of the child and focus on building thinking skills including learning, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning and remembering through positive learning experiences.

Activities like nature walk/excursions, picnics, art and craft, music and dance contribute towards the development of personal awareness which entails building independence, self-help skills, hygiene, safety as well as the cognitive, perceptive and social abilities of the child. Subjects introduced at this stage are English, Hindi, EVS and Math which helps in developing the language, aesthetic and emotional sense as well as overall personality of the child.

In gist, at this stage, we facilitate delightful learning through:

  • Thematic poems, songs, rhyme etc.
  • Music, art/craft, dance, recreational games.
  • Creative activities (plasticine, puzzles, storytelling, speaking on public address system etc.)
  • Parties, visits and outing.
  • Worksheets for practice to enhance learning skills.
  • Instilling feeling of confidence by elocution, singing, dance, fancy-dress competition, games etc.
  • Reinforcing learning of alphabets, numbers, shapes and words used in daily life.


Learning is Exploring, Experimenting and Responding!

At DBPASN, we strive for the overall development of the child with a strong team of dedicated professionals noted for their love of teachings. We are well equipped to successfully monitor the learning and development of all our students. We follow a positive philosophy and our environment is highly conducive to learning. The atmosphere in the school provides the right ambience for our students to develop and reach their fullest potential. We strongly believe that only a holistic education will enable our youngsters to face the challenges of the future confidently.

At the primary level, the emphasis is on the multiple skill development, encouraging students to think creatively and critically by adopting activity based instructional strategies. Classes I and II follow a well balanced academic curriculum with English, Hindi, E.V.S., Maths as the core subjects and Computer Science, General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Value Education and other co-curricular activities as essential support subjects. To encourage reading habits Library period is provided and Class Library is also maintained.

In classes III, IV and V, in the place of Environmental Studies, there is a segregation of Science and Social Science which have been two well defined subjects. In class IV, Sanskrit, as the third language is introduced. Computer Science, General Knowledge, Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Physical Education, Value Education forms an integral part of the curriculum. Participating in different club activities and Inter House competition, students imbibe the spirit of healthy competition. Students are also encouraged to take part and excel in Inter School competition.

In gist, at this stage, we facilitate delightful learning through:

  • Integrated and interlinked curriculum framed on the guidance of (NCERT)/ (CBSE).
  • Activities to ensure holistic learning.
  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school.
  • Worksheets to enhance learning skills.
  • Assessment which is flexible and integrated with the classroom life.


Social interaction coupled with taking responsibility – Moving in the direction of Self Discipline.

The Middle School challenges the learners with a broader curriculum. It lays the foundation for the High School Academic program. Study skills are honed, concepts taught are thoroughly grounded – group work and interaction with classmates cater to growing social awareness. At this Stage, the focus shifts to self directed and collaborative learning. The scholastic subjects offered at this stage are English, Hindi, Elementary Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science and Social science. The computer education, Art education and Physical & Health education General Knowledge, Library adds a test to the scholastic aspect of the students’ education.

Life skills (Thinking’s skills, Social and emotional skills) and attitudes and Values develop a child to become a good citizen. Sports activities make the students physically fit and mentally alert. Art and Craft, Club Activities, Theater and Dramatics, Inter and Intra school activities provide students an opportunity to discover their talent in diverse fields with the right spirit.

In gist, at this stage, we facilitate delightful learning through:

  • CBSE/NCERT prescribed curriculum is followed.
  • Platform is being provided for development of individual child's capabilities, to bring out the best in them.
  • The teacher as a co-learner follows a pragmatic methodology that kindles the desires and quest for knowledge.

At DBPASN, we maintain an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development of our students. By providing the right academic inputs and an effective developmental environment, we make the journey of the child from the first hesitant steps till passing out enjoyable, enlightening and memorable. We hope that in coming years, our graduate will be an academically well-equipped and mature youngster ready to excel in the next phase of education in specific fields and life.